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fight us
10.04: Tzine - 33:15
07.07: Chudilo - 1:0
06.07: RDG - 14:5
16.06: F.t.| - 24:4


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# 3 by adre
04.06.2011 - 06:15 email IP: logged quote

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# 2 by fd
28.12.2010 - 11:57 email IP: logged quote

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# 1 by feefee
30.09.2010 - 11:51 email IP: logged quote

I'm thinking I love this event already.
Gallery: Love is in the Air 2010 Vendors
world of warcraft gold
The changes so fake watches far to the event make it much, much simpler to get that coveted Fool For Love meta achievement, and should provide a welcome change to players used to the same old grind from previous years. Check out the gallery below world of warcraft wow items for the complete list of items available on the vendors, and stay tuned for more Love is in the Air info as it comes in!

Remember the Gifts of Adoration? This year, faction leaders are looking for jewelry. The method used to obtain these bracelets? Kwee will give you a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit with the following flavor text: "Pliers, bone saw, scalpel and sundry other tools allow for the collection of Lovely Charms from worthwhile enemies. You can turn in a Lovely Charm Bracelet to the faction leader of your choice for a Lovely Card that will give you an hour long buff, and 5 Love Tokens. Collect 10 charms to make a bracelet!" .
Love is in the Air on most servers by now, and players should notice a substantial change in the way the event is being run this year. The candy bag, as well as all other random rewards from previous years cheap ff14 gold are available on vendors in each capital city, and purchased with Love Tokens. How do you get the tokens? Well, you certainly don't have to run around begging people to give you cards and building gifts. This year, the tokens are available through daily quests. No longer do you have to furtively log on each hour on the hour during the course of the event in the hopes that you'll get that candy bag with that ONE piece of candy you need for the Be Mine! achievement. Since it's the buy Tiffany first day of the event, we may not have seen all of the possible dailies, but here's the rundown on two of them: .
Yes, you read that correctly. You murder beasts and creatures in your level range, and hack Lovely Charms off of their corpses.
Other ways to obtain Love Tokens include the daily quest "A Perfect Puff of Perfume," which requires you to hose down ten players or NPC's with perfume. Vendors and city guards will work just as well as wow gold other players, so don't worry about running out of people to spray. This quest will also earn buy world of warcraft gold you 5 tokens. .

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